It’s the Meet My Main Character Blog Hop – and I’m up! I was tagged by the very talented Lexie Dunne. Thank you, Lexie. If you haven’t had a chance to already, hop back over there and check out her enigmatic protagonist, Gail Godwin.

Those of you who have been following me for a while know I write everything from contemporary romance to LGBTQA adventure to NA paranormal. I may stretch across several genres, but the story-telling foundation never changes: my tales are always, at their heart, about character relationships. Plot is central, but character interaction is essential, especially in an epic fantasy like STONEHILL DOWNS.

So it’s very difficult for me to stick a red pin on the map and say: This, here, this ONE is my main character. Unknown

 I do, however, play favorites. Characters upon whom the entire adventure hinges, whose genesis and development I particularly enjoy writing. STONEHILL DOWNS has three Red Pin Characters. Two of the three are very much tangled in spoilers, and will have to wait until next time around.

The third Red Pin Character, my displaced shepherd, artisan, and hedge-witch, is also my strong, stubborn, and innately solid moral compass. She knows right from wrong and good from evil. Until, of course, she doesn’t.

I give you Avani, through the eyes of her soon-to-be traveling companion, Malachi Doyle.


“My lord,” the Widow repeated, more quietly. “Avani is here.”

“Thank you,” Mal replied. “Please bring us more cider.”

“Aye,” the Widow said. She bustled quickly away.

“Well, then, you have a way about you, no doubt. What did you do to frighten her so?”

The voice was sweet and liquid as the cider. Mal turned his head, picking a silhouette from the swirl of smoke.

Broken, he thought at first. Horribly malformed, a crooked spine, one shoulder noticeably higher than the other. Mal felt a shock of sorrow and pity, a shiver of sympathy in the pit of his stomach.

When she stepped from the smoke, the flash of relief was so strong he choked on a breath of thick air.

The woman was straight as his sword, keen edged and beautiful. She was small and very lean, and Mal recognized the whittling of hard work and too little to eat.

Her skin was brown, her hair long and black and loose. She wore an ugly cape of patchwork fur above an overlong tunic and torn trousers. In the firelight the lump on her shoulder became a large crow, a bird as dark as the woman’s skin, and as sleek and graceful as her hands.

She moved those hands as she spoke, weaving a constant and gentle dance in the air with her fingers. Bangles of beaten gold chimed on both of her wrists, their glimmer almost hidden by the loose sleeves of the tunic she wore.

“I am told the vocent is more powerful than the king himself,” she said, smiling slightly. Her voice was lightly accented, syllables fluid. “But I didn’t believe a man existed who might cow the Widow.”

STONEHILL DOWNS debuts on December 2nd.


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And now I get to pass the ball to the next players in this blog roll. I’ve got three lovely authors on my tag list, each eager to introduce their main character:

  • INGRID SEYMOUR, author of the excellent MORPHID CHRONICLES, as well as the upcoming Harper Voyager release, IGNITE THE SHADOWS
  • SAM HARDY, author of BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE, an elegantly written short appearing in the recently released FAIRLY TWISTED TALES
  • JESSICA DALL, author of the BROKEN LINE SERIES, and BETWEEN THE LINES, coming soon from REUTS Publications.

Find SAM, JESSICA and myself in the fantastically creepy FAIRLY TWISTED TALES FOR THE HORRIBLY EVER AFTER.

Find it on Amazon and  B&N

and  in hardcover at  REUTS.

fairly twisted



Mark your calendars! 

When it comes to fairy tales, there are plenty of things that go bump in the night. Things so morbid and grotesque, so sinister and diabolical, they haunt your imagination; warnings from generations past that still manage to terrify.

In 2013, authors came together for the annual Project REUTSway writing competition, penning their own interpretive twists on stories we’re all familiar with. Seventeen were chosen, bringing twenty-five new versions to life. From The Brother’s Grimm to Hans Christian Andersen and beyond, these tales are not the ones you grew up with. They are, however, Fairly Twisted Tales for a Horribly Ever After. Dare to find out what happens when “once upon a time” ends in the stuff of nightmares?

Only a few more weeks until Corbin and his Beast debut – on Halloween, no less. The Reuts anthology authors have a great thing going in this first edition. We’ll make you shiver, laugh, shudder and cry. I promise.